When I was in college, I used to frequently change answers on tests.  Almost every time I ended up changing a right answer for a wrong answer.  Studies have found that abut 80% of the time we change right answers to wrong answers.  I only stopped doing this after one of my professors would go over my test in front of the class and point out the number of times I did this.  So, I stopped changing answers on tests but I then caught myself analyzing things and using a pros and cons list or getting the opinions of a number of people, to help me to make decisions. None of this seems to work.  I have come to believe that my first impression is the best one to go with.  I have had to learn to recognize my first impression or intuitive understanding of things as I can quickly think of another answer and tell myself that it is my first impression.  

I believe that our brains have stored lots of information that is ready for us when we need it.  We just have to trust these first impressions and act on them, even if we don't have a paper trail of how we came to this understanding.  Try it and see what happens.



Many of my patients tell me that they feel that there is nothing that they can do to make a difference in the world.  I encourage them to [just] be themselves and do what they believe is right. Over and over I have seen that how people live their lives and the choices that they make, influences other people and how those people live their lives.  When we are being true to ourselves and what we believe, this can change other people's lives.  You may not be able to tell that you have helped others, but you will feel more connected to other people and to yourself.  


TV NEWS: Too Much Stress In Our Lives

It is easy for each of us to underestimate the amount of stress that we experience every day.  I have found that many of my patients experience increased stress when they watch the news on TV.  The focus of the news is often on violence and offers no hope for change.  It is not possible to protect ourelves from the impact of what we see.  Therefore, watching the news can be very traumatic and yet we can become numb to the impact of this.

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