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I would hope that all of us [humans] would be against fascism. So what is fascism? It seems like it is a way to justify controlling others [supposedly] for their own good. That, of course, is impossible as I believe that taking control from people is never for their own good. Fascism purports to promote the nation but it really seems to support sa favored race over the rest of the population. This often means that a few people under the leadership of a dictator will exert control over the rest of the people in their country purportedly for the good of those people. To maintain this type of control over others, the leaders need to completely suppress any form of opposition. They become bullies to sustain their power.

So what is attractive about fascism? Well, there is a promise to take care of those who support the fascist leaders as these leaders act like they know what is best for the people in their country. People are freed from having to make decisions and are often forbidden from acting independently in any manner. The problem with this seems to be that people need to make decisions for themselves and be responsible for themselves. They have difficulty functioning as humans if they don't. This might be why Fascist governments don't last as the people revolt. 

What evidence is their that we need to make decisions for ourselves and be responsible for ourselves? Is it really better to encourage and suport others versus telling them what to do?

What do you think?




Dr. Payton

For some reason I listened to Phil Collins singing "You'll Be in My Heart" from the Tarzan movie.  After I listened to it I realized that I was singing to myself "I'll be in your heart." It seemed like a big difference and I wondered why I was doing this.  I will often follow my brain when it changes things or a memory pops up or an emotion seems to appear out of nowhere.  Since our brain's seem to be organized to give us information when we need it vs. when we demand it or want reassurance that we know something before we actually need to recall it [like for a test], I wonder if my brain is telling me something that could be important even if I don't recall requesting any information.  

So, what does it mean that I change the song from "you'll be in my heart" to "I'll be in your heart?"  Well, it reminds me of feeling responsible for someone in that I am somehow putting myself into the heart of another presumably to be able to watch over them and care for them.  Of course, it is up to the other person to decide who will be in their heart and not up to me.  This means that it would be better for me to be supportive of them and encourage them instead of taking over for them.  

After all, even with good intentions, if I take over for someone then I am saying that I don't believe they can handle a situation and that seems like I am insulting them. Even if they will have difficulty handling a situation and they feel that they need help, it is up to them to request it and then up to me to still encourage and support them before I take over for them. Taking over for someone does not seem like a good thing to do, even if it seems to be requested by the person. Really caring about someone [being empathic?] does not seem to involve taking over. What do you think?