I believe that to help my patients, I must have a good understanding of the stresses in their lives, so that together we can decide about whether medications [carefully selected and adjusted with input from my patients] are indicated along with a specific plan of how to improve coping skills.  I work with my patients to help them increase their self-awareness and self-confidence so that they might experience a sense of fulfillment and happiness.


To achieve these goals requires that there is a trusting relationship.  This takes time as I must listen to my patients, then respond with suggestions and then together we develop a plan for the next step in our work together.  Insurance companies limit psychiatrists to about 10 minutes for each visit and limit the fees as well.  This is not enough time.  To best serve my patients I decided I would not be a ‘network provider’ or be ‘in network’ with most insurance companies.  This means that your insurance will pay at an ‘out of network’ rate that could be less than an ‘in network’ rate. My office will bill your insurance for you if you wish.  Your insurance company will reimburse you directly.  I expect full payment at the time of your visit.  
I've based my fees on my more than 30 years experience helping people along with the required amount of time that is helpful to my patients during each visit.  My patients experience a significant amount of improvement and have repeatedly indicated to me that they feel it is worth the extra cost to have me treat them.  I have even seen dramatic improvement in patients who have had years of previous treatment. At times, it will require more time than had been planned in order to develop further understanding of a problem that will then lead to reduced stress and a feeling like a weight has been lifted.  It is often obvious to my patients that we are going over the scheduled time and yet I frequently mention this to give them an opportunity to discuss stopping  the session.  Also, there are times when I feel that the process that is occuring is too important to interrupt as the benefits to my patient continuing in the session are significant.